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Edgar Martirosyan

Edgar Martirosyan was born on 29.10.1981 in Armenia. He started his career in photography in 2007 and became a member of the founding board of the Armenian Photographers National Association in 2015. Edgar was certified as a photographer of Eastern Partnership recognized by the associations of photographers of Eastern Partnership countries in the same year. 
Association of Photographers of Eastern Partnership countries awarded Edgar Martirosyan for outstanding performance in the international online photo contest PHOTOMAN 2013 and he was entitled for a free 4-month pilot course of photography by the International online school of Eastern Partnership PHOTO-SCHOOL.EU within the project “SAY CHEESE!” In 2015, he successfully completed the course which was funded by the European Union. 
Edgar participated in an international exhibition and business forum for photographers in May 2015 in Yerevan, Armenia organized by the Armenian Photographers Association within the project “SAY CHEESE!” Eastern Partnership Family Album.
Edgar had his personal exhibition organised in Kamchia, Bulgaria in July 2016 during the “Together in the 21st Century” festival.
In February of 2016, Edgar participated in the “Under the Blue Sky” exhibition organized by Photo Podium. In May of the same year he successfully participated in “Mediapoligon – Yerevan 24” program as a photographer. 
Edgar founded www.360armenia.am website in 2014.
He participated in the “Modern Technologies, Trends and Methods” seminar in May, 2014.
Starting from December 2013 up to 2015 he was a volunteer by the Armenian Photographers National Association for the working activities within the framework of the “SAY CHEESE” project. 

Edgar graduated from the National Polytechnic University of Armenia holding a BA degree in Organization and Management of Transportation in 2003.

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